New York Certificates

Current list of items available for Redemption of your Membership Certificate

For a list of those individual marketing items available for you to redeem your Membership Certificate, CLICK HERE.

You will be directed to the Membership Certificate Redemption area of the Referral Center Shopping Cart with descriptions and prices of the various items.


Complete Marketing Package

Undecided about what to do with your Membership Certificate? Select this option and receive a little bit of everything! CLICK HERE to redeem your certificate.

“Build My Referral Business” PACKAGE for $ 125.00


The following items will be included in your “Build My Referral Business” Package:

1. Business Card Package: 200 Business Cards with your name and address, and phone number

2. Marketing Brochure Package: 50 Marketing Brochures (designed to explain the referral process and to help you build a referral business) customized with your name and contact information

3. Announcement Package: 80 Announcement Cards: select from 4 styles each customized with your name, phone number and other information

4. Personalized Web Page: Set-up fee and 12 month web page hosted by the Referral Center; you provide the “biographical” information and digital photo; we will use the information to create a customized web page to help you build your referral business; choice of 3 graphic styles

5. E-Mail Identity Program: Including set-up fee and 12 month e-mail identity account Your; e-mail messages will be automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail account