Place a Referral

Here is how…

CLICK HERE for the E-Referral Form.

Please note, we work on a 30% referral fee.  Our licensees cannot negotiate fees on behalf of our company.  Please be sure to register the referral prior to any contact with an agent or company.
Following is the basic information you need to place a referral with the Referral Center:

1. Customer’s Name
2. Customer’s Home Address
3. Customer’s Phone Number
4. Best Time For an Agent To Contact The Customer
5. If You Have A Broker Or Agent Preference
6. Any Other Helpful Information

This preparation can make the referral process more efficient. Once you have gathered the basic information, please fill out the E-Referral Form. Our referrals are good for 24 months. The customer does not have to be ready to buy or sell immediately.

The Referral Center will then register the referral with the broker and agent of your choice.  If you do not have a broker preference, we have resources to help you choose a brokerage company that services the area of your lead. The customer will then be contacted by that broker or agent. The customer will NOT be contacted by the Referral Center. Once the referral has been placed, you will receive a confirmation E-mail.

Follow-up with your referral customer is very important. Proper follow up with your customer can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful transaction. To help with our goal of quality service for your referral lead, please contact your referral customer two or three days after you placed the referral with the Referral Center.  Make sure they have been contacted by an agent and are satisfied with the agent.  If your referral customer is unhappy with the broker selection or services provided, please let us know. We may be able to help . . . but only if we know there is a problem. Click Here to complete a Referral Update Form to let us know any new information about your referral.

Proper communication with the customer will help increase the chances that your referral will run smoothly, and that you will be receiving a referral fee after closing.