Referral Follow Up

Referral Follow-Up
After your referral lead has been placed with a full-service brokerage firm, your follow-up with the customer is crucial to make sure they are happy with the service and that the broker is able to service their needs.

Our responsibility As a part of our regular program, we contact the broker, every 30 days to request an update.  As we gather information, we will E-mail you the update.

Your responsibility  In addition to the information we provide to you, as you discover information about your lead (property is sold, they are looking in another area, they postponed their decision, etc.) please let us know.  We will confirm the information with the broker, if needed, and update our tracking system.  You can help us keep our information as accurate as possible.

To update your referral, either E-mail us at or call us with the information toll free (877) 841-8100.