Indiana Members

Education Requirements

Based on Indiana license law, as a member of our company and with your license in “referral status”, you are exempt from the continuing education requirement.

The Indiana Legislature modified the Indiana Real Estate Licensing Laws so that all sales licenses transitioned to a brokers license effective June 30, 2014.  Before a licensee can change their license from “referral status” to “active status”, if they have not already met the requirement, they must complete the 24 hour transition course.

However, if you want to take the classes to keep current, or if you want to transfer back to “active” real estate, you will need to have your education requirements current.

You can take your continuing education courses online with a discount through The CE Shop–remember to use the “Promo Code” at checkout:

The CE Shop

Online CE Promotion

If you would prefer taking your education in a more conventional classroom setting, CLICK HERE to visit Real Estate Certification Program‘s website.

Each State licensing authority has specific educational requirements for real estate licensees.

If you have any questions regarding your State license renewal or continuing education, please contact our Referral Center toll free (877) 841-8100.