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We’re pleased to offer a link to two separate online classes that will fulfill your Michigan Continuing Education requirement:

The CE Shop (follow top link and remember to use the “Promo Code” at checkout)


Great Lakes Realty Systems (follow bottom link).

The CE Shop

Online CE Promotion

Great Lakes Realty Systems

We’re pleased to offer the online versions of the same Michigan real estate continuing education courses attended in classrooms annually by over 45,000 Michigan real estate licensees!  Before enrolling in a course for the first time, we STRONGLY recommend that you complete the five-minute Demonstration Course below, which explains the requirements for completing an online course.


Select this link for course support contact information.

DEMONSTRATION COURSE  Select this link to be sure you have the necessary software and browser settings to enroll in and complete an online course.
ONLINE COURSE STORE  Select this link to browse our available online courses and enroll in your selection(s).
CURRENT STUDENT LOGIN  Select this link ONLY if you’re already enrolled in a course and want to continue your lessons.

Each State licensing authority has specific educational requirements for real estate licensees.

If you have any questions regarding your State license renewal or continuing education, please contact our Referral Center toll free (877) 841-8100.

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