Build Your Network

Referrals are customers that an agent is NOT currently working with. To qualify as a referral, the customer should not have had contact with an agent or brokerage firm.
By calling the Referral Center first, you can help ensure that the referral will qualify as a referral. Brokerage companies are more than happy to accept a referral and pay a referral fee as long as they have not already been working with the customer.  We work on a 30% referral fee.  Our referring agents cannot negotiate fees on behalf of our company so it is very important that you register your referral with us prior to ANY contact with an agent.

All you need to place a referral with the Referral Center is the customer’s basic information.  Place your referral online by Clicking Here:

    • Customer’s Name
    • Customer’s Home Address
    • Customer’s Phone Number
    • The Best Time For A Real Estate Agent To Call
    • If You Have A Broker Or Agent Preference
    • Customer Expecting A Call

Your own personal real estate transactions can be registered as referrals through the Referral Center.  It is always best to call the Referral Center BEFORE you have contact with a brokerage company or an agent.

Referral leads do not have to be someone’s primary residence, but can
be for any real estate transaction. Anyone interested in purchasing vacation,
retirement, commercial or investment property can also qualify as a referral

You are the best person to choose a brokerage company in your area. Many times
you know someone who is a good agent or have seen signs around town for a
brokerage company. If your lead is in an unfamiliar area, we do have resources
to help.

To help you understand the ease of explaining our program, we have included three sample dialogues. While this is not intended to “put words in your mouth”, we hope
you can see how easy it is to explain to someone how our program can benefit

Scenario 1: Explaining To A Friend
Scenario 2: Explaining To A Business Acquaintance
Scenario 3: Explaining To A Neighbor Selling Their Home
Scenario 4: Explaining To A Relative