Scenario 1: Explaining To A Friend

Member: “Hi. I am a licensed real estate agent. Although I am not actively pursuing real estate at this time, if you or someone you know has any real estate needs, please let me know. I can help!”
Friend: “How much will that cost?”
Member:  “There is no cost for me to refer you.”
Friend: “Do I have to work with the agent you refer me to?”
Member:  “You are not obligated to work with the agent, you simply agree to talk with them.”
Friend: “Why can’t I just call a company directly? What is the benefit of going through you?”
Member:  “Real Estate firms offer different levels of service. If you call a real estate company directly, it is possible you will the get the “agent on the floor”. That agent could be very experienced or have no experience at all. When our company places a referral, we are repeat business and receive a higher level of service. We try to match you with an experienced agent.”
Friend:  “That sounds great, but what companies do you work with?”
Member: “We work with any real estate company, anywhere, nationwide! Here, please take my business card and let me know if you or anyone you know has real estate needs. I am happy to help!”