Business Acquaintances

Scenario 2: Explaining To A Business Acquaintance

Member: “Hi Pat, I wanted to let you know about an exciting new program I’m
involved in.”
Pat:  “I didn’t know you had free time for another business!”
Member:  “This is a new part-time business I’m involved
in.  As you know, Pat, I have my real estate license and I joined the
Referral Center.”
Pat: “I already have a Realtor®.  Besides, I
don’t want to work with someone part-time.”
Member:  “I agree with you completely, Pat.  That’s
why I have chosen to work with the Referral Center instead of trying
to handle real estate on a part-time basis.  Through my affiliation with
them, we can work with any real estate company in the country.  Better
than that, because of their experience and the huge amount of business they
handle, they are normally able to provide a higher quality of service to the
buyers and sellers all at no additional cost to you.  It is truly a ‘win/win’
program, Pat.”
Pat:  “But I’m not going to be moving any time soon.”
Member:  “That’s fine, but I still need your help.
Will you please keep a few of my business cards.  When you hear of someone
needing real estate assistance anywhere, will you please give me a call?”
Pat:  “I’ll be happy to.”
Member: “I’ll stay in touch with you and let you know how
my new business is coming along.  See you again soon!”