Scenario 3: Explaining To A Neighbor Selling Their Home

Member: “Hi, Sandy. I heard that you’re thinking about selling your home
and moving.”
Sandy: “That’s right. In fact, I was going to call you. I know that you’re in real estate, and I wanted you to tell me how much my home is worth.”
Member: “Sandy, certainly I’ll be happy to help you. Since I am retired (or working full time, or staying home with the kids, etc.) I have decided not to work in real estate full time. Real estate is so complicated these days – it’s not something to be taken lightly. I have chosen to join the Referral Center. They are a licensed broker, providing real estate services all over the country. They can assist you in selling your home here, and buying your new home wherever you go.”
Sandy: “I’ve never heard of the Referral Center, but I was interested in listing with (local company) because they have so many signs in our neighborhood.”
Member: “Even though the Referral Center is one of the largest real estate firms in the Country, no one with the Referral Center ever actively lists or sells real estate, Sandy. Instead, they work with all of the top real estate firms in the area, including (local real estate firm). Brokers are willing to work a little harder to keep the Referral Center’s clients happy because of the large volume of business they supply.”
Sandy: “But I’m not ready to list my home yet.”
Member: “That’s fine, Sandy, but you said you wanted to have a market analysis to determine the value. There is no cost for the service, and certainly no obligation on your part. All I want to do is see that you get the best service on the sale of your home. Do you have a particular agent at (local real estate firm) you want to work with?”
Sandy: “No, not really. Have them select the best agent for our neighborhood.”
Member: “Fine, Sandy. Is it best to contact you at home or your office?”
Sandy: “Home is best. Anytime after 6:00 PM.”
Member: “Let me know what you think.  Oh, Sandy, one last thing, will you please keep a few of my business cards.  When you hear of someone needing real estate service anywhere nationwide, will you please call me?”
Sandy: “I’ll be happy to help.  Have (local real estate firm) call me as soon as possible.”