Scenario 4: Explaining To A Relative

Member: “Hi Aunt Sally. I wanted you to know what I’m doing with my real estate license.”
Aunt Sally: “Tell me about it.”
Member: “Since I am employed full time (or a student, retired, etc.) I have decided not to go into the real estate business in a conventional manner. Instead, I have joined the Referral Center. Through them, I can still offer real estate services anywhere in the country.”
Aunt Sally: “How does it work?
Member: “The Referral Center works with all of the top quality real estate firms in the country. If you want to list or sell, they will coordinate the transaction, and assure that you receive high quality service.”
Aunt Sally: “Why should I work through them? How can that help me.”
Member: “What many people don’t realize, Aunt Sally, is that real estate firms offer differing levels of service. Most companies offer a much higher level of service to corporate transferees and other ‘repeat’ sources of business. Major companies will normally receive a higher level of service for their employees than a normal person just calling into a real estate office. We are able to ‘tap into’ this higher level of service for you because we place so much business with the brokers.”
Aunt Sally: “Interesting! How much will it cost?”
Member: “That’s the best part about it, Aunt Sally. There is absolutely no cost for this service.”
Aunt Sally: “But I’m not planning on moving anytime soon.”
Member: “That’s okay Aunt Sally. There is another way that you can help.  Will you please keep a few of my business cards. When you hear of someone needing real estate assistance anywhere in the country, will you please call me?”
Aunt Sally: “I’m happy to help family. I’ll let you know when I hear of anyone.”
Member: “Thanks for your help. I’ll talk with you again, and let you know how my referral business is going.”